Coffeeneuring in Santa Fe

Getting super caffeinated has brought me back to my blog!

I’m a weird kind of coffee snob – I can’t drink the sludge that passes for coffee in many restaurants yet I drink instant coffee at home. Then I will search out coffee shops wherever we travel looking for primo cappuccinos.

It’s been another round of Coffeeneuring thanks to Chasing Mailboxes. This year we were in one spot so all our visits were in Santa Fe, NM. Watch for more posts coming up with highlights from our summer travels.

Here’s a preview of our adventures in Santa Fe. (I’m including some extra pics in the hopes of enticing you back here to the blog as I get my write-ups posted.)

As a quick refresher, Coffeeneuring requires a 2 mile bike ride for each stop with a limit of 1 a day and only 2 in a week. The goal is to enjoy 7 different stops with the appropriate documentation.

In years past I’ve visited several cities including some exotic locales in Belize. Check out those adventures in my previous posts: Minneapolis in 2016; and the 2015 tour: Edgewater, Colorado; Houston; Austin; Austin Redux; Belize and the timeshare scam;  Actual coffee in Belize; and Flooding in Belize.


The 2017 Stops

Back to this year’s challenge. Santa Fe definitely has a coffee culture and we had a blast exploring the city and it’s trails.


Stop No 1: Ohori’s Coffee Roasters (on the rail trail)

Goodies Consumed: latte and chai donut

Mileage: 9.9 miles

Commentary: We were looking for Iconik but stumbled upon Ohori’s while exploring Santa Fe’s rail trail. The latte was nothing special but the chai spiced donut was delicious! Couldn’t find any bike racks.


Stop No 2: Iconik Coffee Roaster’s (on the rail trail)

Goodies Consumed: Cappucino and breakfast plate with eggs and toast

Mileage: 7.0 miles

Commentary: I spent the morning reading the Times and enjoying really good coffee. By the time I was done a band was setting up to play. This was a casual spot that I returned to several times during our stay. I also stopped more than once at their downtown location within Collected Works Bookstore.


Stop No 3: Taqueria Gracias Madre truck in the Meow Wolf parking lot

Goodies Consumed: Champurrado and a veggie breakfast burrito

Mileage: 12.1 miles

Commentary: This was an awesome ride and adventure all around. First, it was a gorgeous day to explore the Santa Fe River Trail before arriving at Meow Wolf. The champurrado is a warm, thick mexican chocolate drink mixed with masa to thicken it. The menu here offered it with churros but it was a little early for me to indulge. The champurrado is not as thick as Spanish hot chocolate typically served with churros which is more like a pudding in the States. I’ll be doing a full post soon on Meow Wolf. At this point all you need to know is that if you are ever in Santa Fe, you just have to go.


Stop No 4: Caveman Coffee Co. HQ

Goodies Consumed: Puttin on the Spritz

Mileage: 12.6 miles

Commentary: This was an interesting drink that I tried based on a recommendation of the barista. It is espresso, butter, MCT oil, and vanilla poured over sparkling mineral water. I would try it again on a hot day. It was almost like an unsweetened espresso soda. This shop is owned by a trio of athletes/stunt professionals/actors with a drink menu that is paleo-friendly and without sugary drinks flavored with syrups. We made several stops here and enjoyed smoothies and mochas that were really delicious without all the added sugar.


Stop No 5: Counter Culture

Goodies Consumed: Iced chai and blueberry muffin

Mileage: 17.5 miles

Commentary: This was a glorious day riding in the warm autumn sun before finishing it off at Counter Culture. I had been to this spot for breakfast and knew Joel would enjoy it. He kept wanting to return here but the Coffeeneuring rules of no repeats kept us exploring.


Stop No 6: Dulce Bakery & Coffee

Goodies Consumed: Cappucino and coffee cake

Mileage: 20.5 miles

Commentary: We rushed in just before closing time but they had no problem setting us up with espresso and treats. Plus we joined in on their karaoke while cleaning.


Stop No 7: Ohori’s (second location)

Goodies Consumed: Cappuccino and ginger cookie

Mileage: 11.1 miles

Commentary: We had been trying unsuccessfully to try out a new coffee shop in the Railyard but we couldn’t quite make it there during the opening days. So, we had to do a second location of our first stop Ohori’s. The drink here was better than our first stop and the cookie hit the spot on our final ride in Santa Fe before departing north to Minneapolis.


Bonus Stop: Holy Spirit Espresso

Goodies Consumed: Mocha

Mileage: 3.4 miles

Commentary: This is literally a hole in the wall coffee shop. There is room for 2 people behind the counter and 2 people in front of the counter. All drinks are consumed outside. I rolled in about 3 minutes before closing time and they had no problem setting me up with a nice mocha. The shop has new ownership and they seem to be maintaining the tradition of friendly service next to the Lensic Performing Arts Center close to the Plaza in downtown Santa Fe.

This was a bonus stop since it was number 3 for the week which meant I needed to pace myself better to actually follow the rules.




Really Cold Bonus Stop in Minneapolis: Perennial Cycle’s Cocoa Ride to Wilde Cafe

Goodies Consumed: Cocoa and scone

Mileage: 26.8 miles

Commentary: I’m only including these stops since we returned to Minneapolis for some medical issues and I was getting really whiney about being cooped up in the house. Thanks to the great folks (Luke and Martha) at Perennial Cycle in Minneapolis for hosting these family friendly bike rides. I saw the post on Facebook and decided to suck it up, find my winter gear, and get out on my bike. Several friends from the Major Taylor Cycling Club came out to join us and we had a great time! Plus the treats were delicious.



Really Cold Bonus Stop in Minneapolis: Caribou Coffee + Bagels on the Nicollet Mall

Goodies Consumed: Eggnog Latte

Mileage: 11.4 miles

Commentary: The Nicollet Mall has been under construction for a couple of years now in anticipation of the 2018 Super Bowl being held in downtown. It has just reopened with new public art which was the siren call for me. It was really cold so I only took a couple photos cuz I couldn’t bear to take my gloves off…. I’ll revisit the Mall soon and get more pix.


That wraps up another great year of Coffeeneuring. Now it’s time to close up the laptop and depart the coffee shop (Spiderhouse  yum!) to hop on my bike even if it is really cold outside.