Meet Eileen and Joel

Meet Eileen and Joel

Simply nomadic. How else to explain how we live?

Two years ago we sold the house and virtually everything in it. The bicycles and what little else remained now fits into a Honda Element.

How did we do it? Why did we do it?

Curious by nature and shaped by a large family, I want to bring you along on the journey. I’ll write about our travels — past and present — along with musings on bicycling, travel, urban planning, active transportation, advocacy, minimalism, public art, wildlife and whatever else I find on the way.

I’d love to connect with people who are creating new ways to explore this fantastic world whether that be as a traveler, someone deeply rooted to place or anywhere in between. My hope is to trigger ideas that will inspire people to take some chances in their own life beyond what complacency would bring and to learn from others as they build their own unique path.