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Coffeeneuring in Santa Fe

Getting super caffeinated has brought me back to my blog! I’m a weird kind of coffee snob – I can’t drink the sludge that passes for coffee in many restaurants yet I drink… Continue reading

Day 1 – Lighten the Load

It’s our final prep day. The task list was long and you’ve checked off the boxes. Now, all that’s left to do is just ride your Bike to Work!     This series… Continue reading

Day 2 – Clear the Deck

We are getting close, so now it’s all logistics to make Bike to Work day go smoothly. Changing commute patterns can be disruptive to tight schedules that families have in place. Hopefully, taking… Continue reading

Day 3 – Explore at Work

Bike parking can be hiding in plain site. Take some time today to find where you’ll be leaving your bike and any clean up options that will be available to you. Check online… Continue reading

Day 4 – Plan Your Clothing

It’s helpful to think about your Bike to Workday clothes early in the week to have options ready to go. At this point in our countdown, we are knocking out the logistical tasks… Continue reading

Day 5 – Carry Your Stuff

You may not need to bring your dog to work but it shows that specialty bike bags abound. (And did you notice the dog commuting by car?) Today starts our logistical tasks that… Continue reading

Day 6 – Ride Your Route

Today is the day to do a test ride of your route. Time to verify that joining in the fun of Bike to Work Day will fit in your work day. If a… Continue reading

Day 7 – Safety Tip Refresh

Knowledge is power. Today is just a summary of the philosophy behind my approach to bike safety. Understanding where the actual risks are and how to mitigate those risks really helps cyclists enjoy… Continue reading

Day 8 – Drive Your Bike Route

Yes, you read that correctly, today’s task is to drive your planned bike route. This is just a way to make sure that you won’t be sent out on roads way beyond your… Continue reading

Day 9 – Plan Your Bike Route

National Bike to Work Day is held on Friday, May 19th in most parts of the US. Companies host breakfast stations, swag is handed out by sponsors, and parties make it a fun… Continue reading