What If Your Traditions Are Goofy?

Milk carton boat races – yes that means boats made out of milk cartons – make sense in a dairy state with 10,000 lakes.

It’s summertime in Minneapolis and one of the traditions here is the Aquatennial Festival. Downsized from its previous 2-week-long glory days, the event now lasts 5 days starting with the Torchlight Parade and ending with an amazing fireworks display over the Mississippi River.

As a kid we would save up milk cartons all spring to build a boat. Quantity wasn’t an issue since we had 5 kids all with serious milk mustaches back in the days of milk delivery services. (Another tradition that seems ripe for restarting!) It was the quality of our boat designs that ultimately kept us on shore.


Sailboats on Bde Maka Ska / Lake Calhoun

One of my traditional shots of Bde Maka Ska / Lake Calhoun with traditional sailboats

River Rats Water Skiing Show

Water Skiing is now a competitive sport and the local teams here practice weekly on the Mississippi River just north of the Mill District/Downtown Minneapolis. For the Aquatennial, they were really putting on a show as they prepared to travel to regional contests. The narrated part of the show is pretty goofy, ala theme park humor but the stunts these athletes execute are thrilling.


Art Bikes and Art Cars

By definition, art cars are goofy and that’s why we love this event. Creating an art car is on our list of “we are so going to do this someday” things. We’ve done art bikes in the past for a New Year’s Eve parade (maybe I should do a post with the pics of us as butterflies…)


Humor is one way people deal with the conditions around them. St Paul, the other half of the Twin Cities, makes the most of the seemingly endless winters with their Winter Carnival. And of course, it is filled with more goofy traditions. If you happen to be in town for the 2018 Super Bowl, you should check it out.

As we travel, I keep an eye out for local festivals especially those that have been around for a long time. Traditions give an insight into local cultures even when they are goofy like much of the Aquatennial.


How about you – any favorite local traditions and festivals?


This post is in response to the Daily Prompt: Traditional