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What If Your Traditions Are Goofy?

Milk carton boat races – yes that means boats made out of milk cartons – make sense in a dairy state with 10,000 lakes. It’s summertime in Minneapolis and one of the traditions… Continue reading

Ruminate – Who has time to ruminate?

Pack it up, we are moving again! Joel’s contract ended on February 28th and it’s going to be a slow process between two huge companies to get a renewal funded. And that’s not… Continue reading

Christmas with Wilma

Or How to Vacation for Free. The plan was to splurge on 3 days in a posh downtown San Francisco hotel for the holiday weekend and fill our time ticking off a list… Continue reading

It’s Time Again for Purge and Pack

But this go around is really gonna hurt…. We’ve been spending a month in Austin wrapping up Joel’s contract work and closing out loose ends here in Texas. Most of our belongings travel… Continue reading

Life on the Road – My Top 5 Scrubba Laundry Tips

We could qualify as Scrubba power users. Practicalities of life on the road include doing laundry. I found a great product that really helps. Called The Scrubba – it was created originally for… Continue reading

Travel Hacking – My Mid Life Credit Crisis

Rejected? What do you mean I don’t have enough credit history? What about all those credit cards we have at Chase? Apparently I’ve been relegated to the status of a college student –… Continue reading

In Search of Food for the Road

How many nut butter sandwiches can I eat in 2 months? Looks like I am about to find out. We are packing up to leave Santa Monica for two months of touring US… Continue reading

Should I lose the boots?

It’s time to get mobile again. We’ve been in LA longer than anticipated and with that nesting comes the accumulation of ‘stuff’. Some good stuff, some replacement stuff, some disposable stuff, but in… Continue reading

Book Review – Travel the World on $50 a Day

Travel hacking is a broad term to talk about keeping your costs low and finding ways to travel for free. We’ve been hanging in Los Angeles for longer than we anticipated so it’s… Continue reading

My 5 Essential Kitchen Tools for Life on the Road

Experiencing new foods is one of the great joys that travel brings but there are times when you just want something familiar. Don’t get me wrong, I love eating in restaurants and my… Continue reading