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Coffeeneuring in Santa Fe

Getting super caffeinated has brought me back to my blog! I’m a weird kind of coffee snob – I can’t drink the sludge that passes for coffee in many restaurants yet I drink… Continue reading

What If Your Traditions Are Goofy?

Milk carton boat races – yes that means boats made out of milk cartons – make sense in a dairy state with 10,000 lakes. It’s summertime in Minneapolis and one of the traditions… Continue reading

Picture Postcard – Nairn Falls British Columbia

The mountain top trails were still closed due to snow… in July! A short drive north from Whistler, BC we found a nice, flat trail to Nairn Falls that was not snowbound. Perfect… Continue reading

Ruminate – Who has time to ruminate?

Pack it up, we are moving again! Joel’s contract ended on February 28th and it’s going to be a slow process between two huge companies to get a renewal funded. And that’s not… Continue reading

Public Art – A Good Match

Does public art match it’s environs? Sometimes. Here’s a few of my favorites for this week’s photo challenge A Good Match. I love the placement of one of the Hearts in San Francisco… Continue reading

Picture Postcard – Pisgah National Forest

It seems like water is everywhere this week and so it is with my postcard. This spring waterfall is located in Pisgah National Forest near Asheville, North Carolina. Miles of trails greeted us… Continue reading

Adventures in the ER

It sounds so glamorous, living the life of digital nomads. Traveling the world without cares or encumbrances. Then reality hits… you right in the face. Or at least a door does. On a… Continue reading

A Liberation Remembrance

She recited the numbers in such a calm, flat voice that it left the listener to take them in and process the horror on their own time. I thought this PhD grad student… Continue reading

Christmas with Wilma

Or How to Vacation for Free. The plan was to splurge on 3 days in a posh downtown San Francisco hotel for the holiday weekend and fill our time ticking off a list… Continue reading

Opting Outside

No Black Friday for us – we opted outside just as REI encouraged. It seems like a number of families did the same today as we hiked the last segment of the Shoreline… Continue reading