Coffeeneuring Waylaid

You wouldn’t think getting a cup of coffee would be so hard…


View from our porch

We are now in San Pedro, Belize – the main town on Ambergris Caye – alongside the world’s second largest barrier reef. Cruiser bikes are everywhere on the island. The streets and beach are filled with people on bikes. Parents prop their itty bitty kids on the the top tube. Bags of supplies fill the baskets. I had this week’s coffeeneuring stop planned as part of a day exploring the Caye on rental bikes.

Joe’s Bike Rental is two short blocks away from our hotel. Halfway there we were waylaid by timeshare salesmen outside of the Man O War store (I’m only including this detail since I think their signage is intriguing yet disturbing.)


Not sure this is a good idea...

Does it always have to be about war?


Playing the sales rep’s scratch off game, I scored 4 diamonds. This entitled me to a free week’s vacation in Aruba! Woohoo!

Southwest Airlines now flies there too. I might actually be able to use this on the cheap. (Our two roundtrip flights for us from Austin to Belize were $140 including all taxes. See my post on Travel Hacking to read how we are flying for cheap this winter.)


Of course, to claim our prize we had to hop on board a golf cart and visit Captain Morgan’s resort north of town for a “60-90 minute tour”.

OK, why not. Our hotel is right in the middle of town and we were curious to see one of the island’s resorts. We had tried walking north the day before but it’s pretty dang hot to cover any sizable distance. Explaining our plan for the day was to bike north for coffee – we were promised use of resort bikes when the sales presentation was finished and great coffee at the resort.

Sigh… Can you guess where this is headed? Standard American-style drip coffee (yuk!) and the bikes were already checked out. I’m assuming if we had purchased a timeshare, more bikes would have been available. 


Shot of the pool from under the bar's thatched roof

Shot of the pool from under the bar’s thatched roof

It’s a nice resort – if you want to spend time in one of three pools drinking fruity cocktails with other Americans. They have a water taxi that can bring you in to town for dinner. Otherwise, you can stay put and spend money in the casino. Not really our kind of place.


My view from the back of the golf cart - the sign for our planned coffee stop "Marbucks"

My view from the back of the golf cart, the sign for “Marbucks” our planned coffee stop

It wasn’t quite a walk of shame since we kept our wallets intact – A few hours later we were dropped back off in town via the golf cart with a bottle of Belizian rum (Joel’s scratch-off prize) and a letter promising a forthcoming email with a login to claim a resort stay basically at a reduced rate (all under $50 per night so worth investigating). 

I haven’t gotten my email yet but it’s the weekend so I have a bit of hope it might still come through. We’ll see…