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Adventures in the ER

It sounds so glamorous, living the life of digital nomads. Traveling the world without cares or encumbrances. Then reality hits… you right in the face. Or at least a door does. On a… Continue reading

Christmas with Wilma

Or How to Vacation for Free. The plan was to splurge on 3 days in a posh downtown San Francisco hotel for the holiday weekend and fill our time ticking off a list… Continue reading

Shared Journeys – Our Pivot Point

When the world is an open book, how do you decide where to go? We’ve been on the road for three years now and are at the midpoint of our planned stay in… Continue reading

30 Days of Biking – The Hard Part

How can I ride my bike each day as we travel from Los Angeles to Minneapolis? The car is fully loaded so I’ll need to be creative on this part of the 30… Continue reading

It’s Time Again for Purge and Pack

But this go around is really gonna hurt…. We’ve been spending a month in Austin wrapping up Joel’s contract work and closing out loose ends here in Texas. Most of our belongings travel… Continue reading

Google Photos App

It’s been a while since I have been trying to tame the monster that is digital photo storage. I haven’t quite got the dragon slain but Google Photos sure has been having fun… Continue reading

Reviewing the New York Times’ Travel App Review

My 2016 resolution is to get my tech house in order. The goal is to streamline all the various apps I’ve accumulated and become more proficient at the tools that I narrow in… Continue reading

Zapato de Perro

Who steals just one shoe? And an old, smelly one at that? Puppies in Costa Rica do. I have a pair of sandals that I’m trying to eek through some last travels before… Continue reading

Life on the Road – My Top 5 Scrubba Laundry Tips

We could qualify as Scrubba power users. Practicalities of life on the road include doing laundry. I found a great product that really helps. Called The Scrubba – it was created originally for… Continue reading