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National Parks – Bryce Canyon

Hoodoo you think you are? I’ve never been surrounded by so many towering hoodoos. Remnants of the eroding caprock fill the amphitheater that is better known as Bryce Canyon National Park. The hikes… Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge – Beneath Your Wheels

What do I believe will help make our cities more livable and enjoyable? Cycling, of course! For this week’s photo challenge I decided to look at what is under my wheels, not feet.… Continue reading

Photo 101 – Triumph

Triumph doesn’t always mean winning.   Jerry is congratulated by his teammates after pulling out of a criterium bike race. At 73, he is still willing to mix it up with the young… Continue reading

Photo 101 – Double

Glacial lakes in the Canadian Rockies provided endless opportunities to see double. Vermillion Lakes just on the edge of the town of Banff was calm this particular¬† morning resulting in mirror images from… Continue reading

Photo 101 – Glass

A grizzly sleeping off a full belly after feasting on a carcass is best viewed through a looking glass.   Wildlife viewing in Yellowstone Park is greatly enhanced by the use of spotting… Continue reading

Photo 101 – Edge

A clear day in Los Angeles provides a deep blue backdrop highlighting the Getty Museum’s distinct lines and edges.   Viewed from below in the Central Garden, this is the West Pavilion. The… Continue reading

Photo 101 – Treasure & Close Up

This bloom was small and singular – a treasure amidst a rocky, dusty trail.     This was taken in another treasure – Bryce Canyon National Park.  

Photo 101- Scale

These flowers seem to tower with the Grand Teton range behind them.     The wildflowers are blooming everywhere!    

Photo 101 – Moment & Motion

Bicycling is a big part of my life and I happened to be visiting Bozeman, Montana this week catching the inaugural women’s bike ride called Babes Bikeabout. A couple hundred women and girls… Continue reading

Photo 101 – Landscape

I almost feel like I’m cheating on this assignment since I’m currently touring National Parks.   This was taken within Grand Teton National Park on the trail that circles Jenny Lake.