Coffeeneuring – Austin, Texas Redux

I was hoping for town number four this weekend but a hurricane got in the way.


Our range of drink choices at Stinson’s

Austin is town number three for the Coffeeneuring Challenge 2015! Again!

To recap, the Coffeeneuring Challenge is the brainchild of blogger Chasing Mailboxes. The gist is to ride to 7 different coffee shops over 7 weekends. My goal was to also make it 7 different cities and potentially 7 different bikes. So far I am 3 for 4.

I was supposed to spend the weekend at a friend’s farm in Corsicana, Texas with a side trip to a festival in Waxahachie – how awesome would that be! But Hurricane Patricia decided that we should stay in Austin instead. I’m glad we listened to her since the farm access got flooded out and most of the roads in and out of Corsicana were shut down including the interstate. So after 3 rainy days, I shifted my weekend to include Monday.

My ride included a stop at the Center for Transportation Research at UT Austin for a lunchtime presentation on transportation data and what it tells us about safety. (For you non-transporation nerds, this actually is interesting work….for some of us, anyways.)



Nerding out at a session of Better Streets Week in Austin.


I had scheduled my coffee stop as a meetup with a girlfriend. At the presentation I invited a colleague (and former neighbor) to join us at Stinson’s Bistro – a new spot in my old neighborhood. Stinson’s is housed in a converted gas station – it’s where I got all my car repair work done many, many years ago. It’s an interesting conversion since the food is cooked in a food trailer parked out front. The building interior is dedicated to seating, a coffee bar and more interesting, a full bar! Woohoo!

It was a bit early for me so I stuck with the iced coffee, Vanessa chose the latte and Charlie investigated a stout. We all were pleased with our choices.



I’m glad I didn’t replace the turquoise tile in the bathroom before selling…


After the Stinson’s festivities, Charlie and I rode by my old house – not even a shell of what it used to be. Our 960 sq ft 2 Bed / 1 Bath bungalow is now two stories tall with an observation tower(?) on top of that. It looks like half the block has gone up and out in size. I’m happy to say it’s because families with kids are staying in the neighborhood. Yay! (I actually am glad that a whole slew of families are moving in to the neighborhood. It’s just sad that the last of the bungalows are disappearing. I can’t pretend that middle class people can afford the convenience of being so close to downtown.)



A foot bridge used to cross Shoal Creek here.


Our final stop was Charlie showing me where an old pedestrian bridge crossed Shoal Creek Blvd at 49th St.  It must of been washed away in a flood. BUT what looks like (and is being used as) a private driveway is actually city right-of-way. The giveaway is the highway-grade safety barrier at the end of “driveway” – this would never be put on private land.

Someday… maybe the creek can be crossed again!


Stats for the Trip

Total mileage:  8.4 miles

Shop: Stinson’s

Bike: Trek mountain bike


Observation on Bike Friendliness


At least you can keep an eye on your bike…

They need bike racks… sigh… we locked up to the patio fence. I’ll give it some spin – it’s a neighborhood bistro so I’m sure all the customers are safely walking back and forth from their nearby homes or taking the convenient buses that stop just across the street.


So, have you been out coffeeneuring?