Coffeeneuring in Santa Fe

Getting super caffeinated has brought me back to my blog! I’m a weird kind of coffee snob – I can’t drink the sludge that passes for coffee in many restaurants yet I drink… Continue reading

What If Your Traditions Are Goofy?

Milk carton boat races – yes that means boats made out of milk cartons – make sense in a dairy state with 10,000 lakes. It’s summertime in Minneapolis and one of the traditions… Continue reading

Picture Postcard – Manchester UK

I attended the Manchester Business School for a semester back in the day. This postcard was from a visit as my niece was finishing her time studying abroad in Manchester. The city has… Continue reading

Picture Postcard – Key West Florida

You’ll have interesting neighbors down in the Florida Keys. The green iguana is not native to Florida and it seems that they have friends and foes alike. Some folks feel that the iguana… Continue reading

Up Close and Personal

The water was smooth as glass and the sun was just peeking out from the clouds making the bog irresistible. Grabbing a canoe off the rack, we paddled away from the shore and… Continue reading

Picture Postcard – Madeline Island

The shoreline can be stark in the Apostle Islands. Madeline Island is the largest and the only inhabited island of the Lake Superior’s 22 Apostle Islands. It is also the only island that… Continue reading

Day 1 – Lighten the Load

It’s our final prep day. The task list was long and you’ve checked off the boxes. Now, all that’s left to do is just ride your Bike to Work!     This series… Continue reading

Day 2 – Clear the Deck

We are getting close, so now it’s all logistics to make Bike to Work day go smoothly. Changing commute patterns can be disruptive to tight schedules that families have in place. Hopefully, taking… Continue reading

Day 3 – Explore at Work

Bike parking can be hiding in plain site. Take some time today to find where you’ll be leaving your bike and any clean up options that will be available to you. Check online… Continue reading

Day 4 – Plan Your Clothing

It’s helpful to think about your Bike to Workday clothes early in the week to have options ready to go. At this point in our countdown, we are knocking out the logistical tasks… Continue reading