Coffeeneuring – Houston, Texas

Another new town and my second day of the Coffeeneuring Challenge 2015!

IMG_7500 Sig

Mobile Mug coffee truck was in one of the parking lots – yay!


A work conference brought us to Sugar Land, Texas – a suburb of Houston. While Joel was busy conferring about software security issues I went in search of a bike ride and coffee in downtown Houston.

Today’s bike was complements of Houston BCycle. Having just renewed my annual membership with Austin’s program, access to other BCycle systems across the country is included. My trip started at the Sabine St bridge overlooking Buffalo Bayou Park.

Houston’s bayous are something between a creek and a river; swamp and wetland; and flood levees and public space. I’m not exactly sure what to classify them as, but they are found throughout the metro area. Just outside of the Downtown core, Buffalo Bayou runs alongside Memorial Parkway and connects to Memorial Park. The park has bike and pedestrian trails, a skate park, a performance venue, regular bike rentals, ball fields and as you can probably guess my m.o. by now, public art! (Click on any of the photos to bring up a slideshow.)



Tolerance by Jaume Plensa

This work is made up of 7 figures placed in close proximity yet all facing different directions.


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Each figure is comprised of letters.


IMG_7516 Sig

The figures are close to the paths and bridges that converge at this corner.

Tolerance was commissioned in memory of a particular hate crime victim who later committed suicide and “All Those Who Are Victims of Intolerance”  The plaque states:


Unity in Diversity

Reflecting the Pluralism & Harmony of Mankind

Seven Figures Representing the Seven Continents

Each Created From Nine Alphabets


Juame Plensa is an artist that I had come across earlier that day on the grounds of Rice University and I’ve mentioned him in my post There’s Art in Them Thar Hills. A Spanish artist from Barcelona, his work appears around the world including the Crown Fountain in Chicago’s Millenium Park. I have a feeling that I’ve seen his work in even more places before so I’m going to dig through my photo archive to see what I can find for a future post.


Stats for the Trip

Total mileage: 5 miles

Shop: Mobile Mug coffee truck (Iced Cold Brew – perfect for a hot day!)

Bike: Southwest Airlines branded BCycle



Observation on Bike Friendliness

It was a park with bike trails – pretty darn bike friendly. If you want to ride more than the 5 mile loop, I’d suggest going for a regular bike rental. I had to hurry back to the kiosk to return the bike under the 60 minute limit for free usage.

Friday afternoon was spent riding the last 10 mile section of the bike path along Bray’s Bayou. This path needs some serious work to be continuous and safe for all users to ride. So, when in Houston, choose your routes carefully. They are not all equal! 


Have you ridden your bike in Houston?