It’s Whale Weekend in Santa Monica

Most mornings I make it a point to go walk the beach, to enjoy the changing nature of the surf and shoreline while I have the chance. I have to admit, there are… Continue reading

Coffee Outside – The Westside LA Edition

  What can get me up and rolling on my bike by 6:30am? Coffee outside. This winter we have come back for a second time to Santa Monica – part of what’s called… Continue reading

Tech on the Road:Photos and Storage Saga Part One

It’s amazing how crumbling infrastructure can derail all our good intentions. I wrote a blog post highlighting some of our amazing adventures in 2014 but then I tried to locate photos. Down the… Continue reading

An Offer I Couldn’t Refuse…

Just like most long-term relationships, we had settled into a life that was warmly comfortable yet had it’s list of impasses. For us, many of those impasses were tied to living in a… Continue reading

Hello World – Can’t Wait to Meet You!

My name is Eileen Schaubert and for the moment I am in Santa Monica, California with my husband of 26 years, Joel. We’ve transitioned into a nomadic existence of sorts after selling our… Continue reading