Photo 101 – Natural World & Leading Lines

The star burst pattern within this flower has a dynamic feel even though it is a very small bloom.     Yellowstone National Park is full of wildflowers during the month of June.… Continue reading

Photo 101 – Big

The grandeur of the Bryce Canyon hoodoos are difficult to truly capture in a photo.   This is a shot along the Fairyland Trail which has fewer hikers then the most popular trails… Continue reading

Photo 101- Solitude

Do we really have solitude anymore?       This photo has a foreboding feel compared to this original shot taken just a few seconds earlier that had some hot spots.    … Continue reading

Photo 101 – Bliss

I love this time of evening and the Euro feel of this bridge in Zurich

Photo 101 – Water

A warm, crowded holiday weekend at the beach in Santa Monica, California.       This shot could almost have been used for the Street Shot assignment but the boy running towards the… Continue reading

Photo 101 – Street Shot

Cyclists are frequent subjects of my photos especially when visiting new places.       This was taken near Leiria, Portugal as we were sitting down to lunch in a bayside cafe.  

Photo 101 – Home

Home is elusive – as travelers we no longer have a traditional home. We explore and experience each new place with returning someday in mind. This week’s home is a sailboat in the… Continue reading

Flying with my Brompton (folding bike)

Why buy a folding bike if you don’t plan to travel with it? I have been getting more adept at using my Brompton for errands and happy hours but a year after buying… Continue reading

Travel Theme: Tangle

Huge, imposing, gritty. A tangle of steel I-beams.   Clock Knot by Mark di Suvero stands watch over the engineering students at the University of Texas at Austin. It is one of my… Continue reading

Hiking Bryce Canyon

Los Angeles is now a memory and we are busy hiking in southern Utah. Which means fantastic experiences …and little to no internet. So while we are offline here are a few snapshots… Continue reading