Photo 101 – Treasure & Close Up

This bloom was small and singular – a treasure amidst a rocky, dusty trail.     This was taken in another treasure – Bryce Canyon National Park.  

Photo 101- Scale

These flowers seem to tower with the Grand Teton range behind them.     The wildflowers are blooming everywhere!    

Photo 101 – Moment & Motion

Bicycling is a big part of my life and I happened to be visiting Bozeman, Montana this week catching the inaugural women’s bike ride called Babes Bikeabout. A couple hundred women and girls… Continue reading

Photo 101 – Landscape

I almost feel like I’m cheating on this assignment since I’m currently touring National Parks.   This was taken within Grand Teton National Park on the trail that circles Jenny Lake.    

Photo 101 – Architecture

A trip to former eastern bloc countries provided endless opportunities to capture intricate details such as this church entrance in Budapest.   I cropped tightly on a corner piece that flowed into geometric… Continue reading

Travel Hacking – An Easy First Step

How can I reduce our travel budget? Venturing into the world of travel hacking, my goal is to stretch out the time we can live on the road. But what I’ve learned applies… Continue reading

Photo 101 – Pop of Color

Here’s my pop of red! I developed a fascination with pelicans while living near the beach in Los Angeles and adding on top of that my love for all things British I found… Continue reading

Photo 101 – Warmth & Light

Dusk and dawn seem endless here.   The sun sets behind the surrounding mountain ranges but continues to reflect off the sky on Yellowstone Lake.  

Photo 101 – Connect

This walk bridge is one way of interpreting the Connect theme.   But I also find that the National Parks connect the public to nature and to each other. Summer season is particularly… Continue reading

Photo 101 – Mystery

The angle and focal point of this picture make the scene even more mysterious and harder to identify. Mammoth Hot Springs within Yellowstone National Park is a place of endless natural mysteries with… Continue reading