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Kansas City – A Fortunate Breakdown

A great way to save money for travel is to lower your transportation costs at home. This is one of our secrets to how we launched into this nomadic adventure. We’ve never made… Continue reading

Errandonnee 2015 – I Met the Challenge!

12 Errands on your Bike in 12 Days was the challenge – and I force fit it into 3 days I came late to the game but wanted to see if I could… Continue reading

Errandonneering – Sounds like Crazy Fun

Randonneuring I have cycling friends that are in to randonneuring – ridiculously long bike rides culminating in the ultimate Paris – Brest – Paris ride held only once every four years. That should… Continue reading

Santa Monica Spoke and Bicycle Advocacy

Bike Advocacy – what the heck does that even mean? And what do bicycle advocacy organizations actually do? I’ve been active in this work for years in Austin, TX and here in Santa… Continue reading

LA Touring – Art Museum Stops

  Amidst the tacky tourist stops and sunny beaches it can be easy to forget the depth of creative talent that is located in Los Angeles. Top notch museums are a must see… Continue reading

Whale Weekend Part Two

We made it to the Santa Monica Pier for the Whale of a Weekend Festivities! If you read my previous post you will have seen some of my curious photos which spawned a… Continue reading

Chihuly in the Garden and Chihuly After Dark

Dale Chihuly glass sculptures can be seen all over the world. These photos are from a single day and evening at the Desert Botanical Gardens during our 2013 Thanksgiving trip to Phoenix.  … Continue reading

It’s Whale Weekend in Santa Monica

Most mornings I make it a point to go walk the beach, to enjoy the changing nature of the surf and shoreline while I have the chance. I have to admit, there are… Continue reading

Coffee Outside – The Westside LA Edition

  What can get me up and rolling on my bike by 6:30am? Coffee outside. This winter we have come back for a second time to Santa Monica – part of what’s called… Continue reading