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Wild Adventures in Tortuguero Costa Rica

Land of the Turtles Tortuguero, Costa Rica – is a remote destination for humans and nesting turtles alike. On the recommendation of German sailors we met in Guatemala, our visit to Costa Rica… Continue reading

Picture Postcard – Glacier’s Hidden Lake

At the top of Going to the Sun Road in Glacier National Park are some great trail options. The trail from the Logan Pass visitor center to the Hidden Lake Overlook brings families… Continue reading

Picture Postcard – Banff

The Town of Banff serves as a base for exploration of the Canadian Rockies. In July, the sun was warm and the days were long. Banff is Canada’s first National Park and is… Continue reading

National Parks – Great Sand Dunes

Sand Dunes in Colorado? Who knew?     OK, so we’ve known about Great Sand Dunes National Park for several years now. We just never took the time on our road trips through… Continue reading

National Parks – Mississippi River

Running for 72 miles through Minneapolis and St Paul is the Mississippi National River and Recreation Area or what I call the Mississippi River National Park.   A Park in the City The… Continue reading

National Public Lands Day – September 26th

Helping Hands for America’s LandsĀ  What a great tagline for a day devoted to volunteer projects called National Public Lands Day. In the States we have amazing parks, memorials and monuments that are… Continue reading

National Parks – Yellowstone

Is that a black bear or a brown bear? And remind me, which color are grizzlies? Either way, we need to respect his space….   Yellowstone National Park Yellowstone is one of the… Continue reading

National Parks – Bryce Canyon

Hoodoo you think you are? I’ve never been surrounded by so many towering hoodoos. Remnants of the eroding caprock fill the amphitheater that is better known as Bryce Canyon National Park. The hikes… Continue reading

National Parks – Zion

What makes you trudge upstream like a salmon? The Narrows at Zion National Park. The Narrows hike is on many people’s must-do list when they visit the park. As the first stop on… Continue reading

Photo 101 – Double

Glacial lakes in the Canadian Rockies provided endless opportunities to see double. Vermillion Lakes just on the edge of the town of Banff was calm this particularĀ  morning resulting in mirror images from… Continue reading