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Photo 101 – Architecture

A trip to former eastern bloc countries provided endless opportunities to capture intricate details such as this church entrance in Budapest.   I cropped tightly on a corner piece that flowed into geometric… Continue reading

Photo 101 – Pop of Color

Here’s my pop of red! I developed a fascination with pelicans while living near the beach in Los Angeles and adding on top of that my love for all things British I found… Continue reading

Photo 101 – Warmth & Light

Dusk and dawn seem endless here.   The sun sets behind the surrounding mountain ranges but continues to reflect off the sky on Yellowstone Lake.  

Photo 101 – Connect

This walk bridge is one way of interpreting the Connect theme.   But I also find that the National Parks connect the public to nature and to each other. Summer season is particularly… Continue reading

Photo 101 – Mystery

The angle and focal point of this picture make the scene even more mysterious and harder to identify. Mammoth Hot Springs within Yellowstone National Park is a place of endless natural mysteries with… Continue reading

Photo 101 – Natural World & Leading Lines

The star burst pattern within this flower has a dynamic feel even though it is a very small bloom.     Yellowstone National Park is full of wildflowers during the month of June.… Continue reading

Photo 101 – Big

The grandeur of the Bryce Canyon hoodoos are difficult to truly capture in a photo.   This is a shot along the Fairyland Trail which has fewer hikers then the most popular trails… Continue reading

Photo 101- Solitude

Do we really have solitude anymore?       This photo has a foreboding feel compared to this original shot taken just a few seconds earlier that had some hot spots.    … Continue reading

Photo 101 – Bliss

I love this time of evening and the Euro feel of this bridge in Zurich

Photo 101 – Water

A warm, crowded holiday weekend at the beach in Santa Monica, California.       This shot could almost have been used for the Street Shot assignment but the boy running towards the… Continue reading