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Should I lose the boots?

It’s time to get mobile again. We’ve been in LA longer than anticipated and with that nesting comes the accumulation of ‘stuff’. Some good stuff, some replacement stuff, some disposable stuff, but in… Continue reading

Plitvice Lakes National Park, Croatia

The calm pools are crystal clear, revealing schools of small fish among the submerged tree branches. The light rain dots the surface of the water.   Water flows over crevices just as it… Continue reading

Book Review – Travel the World on $50 a Day

Travel hacking is a broad term to talk about keeping your costs low and finding ways to travel for free. We’ve been hanging in Los Angeles for longer than we anticipated so it’s… Continue reading

Kansas City – A Fortunate Breakdown

A great way to save money for travel is to lower your transportation costs at home. This is one of our secrets to how we launched into this nomadic adventure. We’ve never made… Continue reading

LA Touring – Art Museum Stops

  Amidst the tacky tourist stops and sunny beaches it can be easy to forget the depth of creative talent that is located in Los Angeles. Top notch museums are a must see… Continue reading

My 5 Essential Kitchen Tools for Life on the Road

Experiencing new foods is one of the great joys that travel brings but there are times when you just want something familiar. Don’t get me wrong, I love eating in restaurants and my… Continue reading

Tech on the Road:Photos and Storage Saga Part One

It’s amazing how crumbling infrastructure can derail all our good intentions. I wrote a blog post highlighting some of our amazing adventures in 2014 but then I tried to locate photos. Down the… Continue reading

An Offer I Couldn’t Refuse…

Just like most long-term relationships, we had settled into a life that was warmly comfortable yet had it’s list of impasses. For us, many of those impasses were tied to living in a… Continue reading

Hello World – Can’t Wait to Meet You!

My name is Eileen Schaubert and for the moment I am in Santa Monica, California with my husband of 26 years, Joel. We’ve transitioned into a nomadic existence of sorts after selling our… Continue reading