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National Public Lands Day – September 26th

Helping Hands for America’s Lands  What a great tagline for a day devoted to volunteer projects called National Public Lands Day. In the States we have amazing parks, memorials and monuments that are… Continue reading

I Would Never Buy That!

The dreaded email has arrived again…. Luckily for us credit card companies are getting really good at catching compromised cards. We got the notice when someone tried to verify one of our card… Continue reading

National Parks – Bryce Canyon

Hoodoo you think you are? I’ve never been surrounded by so many towering hoodoos. Remnants of the eroding caprock fill the amphitheater that is better known as Bryce Canyon National Park. The hikes… Continue reading

National Parks – Zion

What makes you trudge upstream like a salmon? The Narrows at Zion National Park. The Narrows hike is on many people’s must-do list when they visit the park. As the first stop on… Continue reading

Travel Hacking – My Mid Life Credit Crisis

Rejected? What do you mean I don’t have enough credit history? What about all those credit cards we have at Chase? Apparently I’ve been relegated to the status of a college student –… Continue reading

Travel Hacking – An Easy First Step

How can I reduce our travel budget? Venturing into the world of travel hacking, my goal is to stretch out the time we can live on the road. But what I’ve learned applies… Continue reading

Photo 101 – Home

Home is elusive – as travelers we no longer have a traditional home. We explore and experience each new place with returning someday in mind. This week’s home is a sailboat in the… Continue reading

Flying with my Brompton (folding bike)

Why buy a folding bike if you don’t plan to travel with it? I have been getting more adept at using my Brompton for errands and happy hours but a year after buying… Continue reading

Hiking Bryce Canyon

Los Angeles is now a memory and we are busy hiking in southern Utah. Which means fantastic experiences …and little to no internet. So while we are offline here are a few snapshots… Continue reading

In Search of Food for the Road

How many nut butter sandwiches can I eat in 2 months? Looks like I am about to find out. We are packing up to leave Santa Monica for two months of touring US… Continue reading