Picture Postcard – Washington DC

All eyes will be on Washington DC for the next few weeks.

I’ve traveled to the US Capitol several times to petition lawmakers on behalf of road safety legislation and funding, more specifically for people on bikes and people walking. Hard to imagine but that actually makes me a lobbyist. The beauty of democracy is that I can have access to lawmakers – maybe not as effective as professional lobbyists, but I can make my voice heard on issues that are important to me.

Everyday the Capitol halls are filled with ordinary citizens participating in the messy business of legislating our nation. It’s important work whether it is done at the US Capitol or at the local school board meeting. We all have opportunities to create change so our shared resources serve our communities more effectively. One critical opportunity is coming soon to the United States.

No matter who you choose at the top of the ballot – please, get out and vote!





Welcome to a new series of travel postcards that I’ll be posting once a week. Click on the card for a larger view.