iPhriday & Weekly Photo Challenge: Water’s Edge

For this week’s iPhriday I am using the Weekly Photo Challenge subject of Edge.

Riding my bike along the water’s edge in Chicago I came across Destino (2003) by Mark di Suvero, one of my favorite public artists. This piece is one of the EXPO Chicago In/Situ Outside artworks which are temporarily placed outdoors throughout the city.

What draws me to di Suvero sculptures is both their large scale and the industrial materials he uses. Created from steel I-beams and metal plates, works are painted a specific reddish/orange color or are left raw so they rust into a nice patina over the years.

The artist also incorporates movement into some sculptures which isn’t always obvious upon first glance. The large V-shaped I-beam at the top rotates with the breezes coming off the lake.



Along the water’s edge in Chicago – Destino (2003)



The V moves with the wind off Lake Michigan




Metal plates are cut into geometric shapes



An edge in the foreground, a sail in the background


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Thanks to graydaysandcoffee for creating iPhriday showcasing phone photos.