Picture Postcard – Creating a Story Map

Wall maps with pushpins are a visual way to tell a story – where are you from? where have you been? where do you want to go?

I’ve been playing around with a digital version of a wall map that I could use for the blog under the Where We’ve Been section. As part of an online mapping class project, I’ve gathered all the picture postcard posts into what’s called a story map.

Take a look here or click on the screen shot below to explore where we’ve been. (From what I have figured out, wordpress.com doesn’t allow the story map to be embedded into a post for security reasons. The iframe tags get stripped out. If anyone knows a way around this, please leave a comment!)


Screen Shot


ArcGIS is the software product being taught in the class and during each session a contest is held to showcase the best story maps submitted by students from around the world. Some of the award winners are very well done and have given me something to strive for as I continue to play with the software.

In the meantime, enjoy exploring some of the postcards you may have missed.