iPhriday – Cats and Their Collars

Oh, the indignities our people heap upon us!

These hunter kitties have been collared in a most humiliating way to save some of the other critters in their neighborhoods. This week’s iPhriday photos feature these fashionable(?) felines.


Osiris One

This is Osiris, he’s always glad to see us


Osiris Two

Until I start snapping pix


Osiris Three

He’ll humor me for a short while showing off his preferred profile

Osiris lives with one of my brothers and is a relentless hunter resulting in lots of time under house arrest. My sister-in-law leaves notes for guests on the doors “Osiris Inside, Bunnies Alive” reminding us to be on the alert for an escape attempt.

I found another fashionista feline in west Los Angeles sporting a similar collar back in April.

CA Cat One

Starts out shy

CA Cat Two

Then things got a little racy


Thanks to graydaysandcoffee for creating iPhriday showcasing phone photos.