iPhriday – A Child’s Joy

For this week’s iPhriday I have three versions of the same photo with different cropping.

Last night was the Slow Roll Twin Cities’ bike ride and I was taking snaps while riding (not advised…) The group had stopped to wait for some riders that were off the back including this mom on the left. (Grandma was feeling a bit tired so some of the ride leaders were taking her back to the starting point.) Dad with one child in the trailer and his older daughter on her bike were with the main group.


My original photo


Mom's Back

Mom’s Back with the Ride


I was trying to catch the daughter’s joy of being reunited with her mom – her face was lit up! So, here’s one for all you parents out there. Your kids really do love you.


Tight In

I’m so excited to see you!



Thanks to graydaysandcoffee for creating iPhriday showcasing phone photos.