iPhriday – Tiny Things

For this week’s iPhriday I’ve been playing a bit with post processing macro photos of really tiny plants.  Using tight cropping and flipping some of the shots, I wanted to adjust shapes and lines to keep the viewers’ eye moving within the photo.

And in honor of the rainy, drizzly day outside I chose photos that were all taken in the rain.

Little Bells

I flipped this shot to draw the eye down towards the rain drop on the middle bell vs to the top bell which is starting to blur


Red Bud

I flipped this to have the eye read left to right to land on the brighter half



I cropped out only part of the surrounding grass to leave some background lines and give some scale to this tiny flower


Yellow Petals

I liked the tight crop to make this very abstract with lines, shapes and colors


Thanks to graydaysandcoffee for creating iPhriday showcasing phone photos.