Picture Postcard – Cades Cove Tennessee

Three churches from the late 1800’s are still standing in Caves Cove, Tennessee part of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. The Methodist Church was one of the smaller congregations within the valley known as Cades Cove.

Settled by European-Americans starting in the 1820s, this valley has a fascinating history that can be explored along an 11-mile loop road.

Cades Cove’s population grew until the Civil War brought conflict among various political factions of the residents and Confederate marauders repeatedly victimized the farmers. A generation passed before the population growth recovered just in time for further deadly conflicts during Prohibition. The formation of Great Smoky Mountains National Park eventually forced out the last remaining residents after years of court battles.

What an amazing microcosm of American history during the European settlers’ expansion westward.


Postcard Tennessee Cades Cove


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