30 Days of Biking – The Hard Part

How can I ride my bike each day as we travel from Los Angeles to Minneapolis? The car is fully loaded so I’ll need to be creative on this part of the 30 day challenge.

For some background if you haven’t read my previous post 30 Days of Biking – The Easy Part, each April a challenge is issued to ride every single day for the entire month with the intent to set habits that will last for the entire summer. Called 30 Days of Biking, it was created in the Twin Cities by Patrick Stephenson as a personal goal. Now in its seventh year, local group rides take place while others participate via social media all over the world.

Living near the beach in Santa Monica made it pretty easy to ride every day. But we just spent 9 days moving cross country thus the hard part keeping up with a ride every day. The trip took us through Death Valley, Arches and Canyonlands National Parks which were amazing so I don’t deserve any pity even with sketchy spring weather complicating the task of riding.


The Highlights

More Shorties – The Letter of the Law

No minimum distance is required so I reverted to pulling out my Brompton folding bike on a couple of the days in Moab, Utah in between sleet and rain showers. These consisted of cruising up and down the street dodging ATVs and Jeeps on their way to play off road. But they still count.

The worst was spinning on an exercise bike in a hotel fitness room in Las Vegas. Twice. Again, indoor still counts and this was a layover between hiking in Death Valley and arriving in Moab so bike access would require quite a bit of unpacking. Lesser of two evils…



My Favorite – Riding in Moab

Moab, Utah is a mecca for mountain biking with it’s slick rock trails and beautiful vistas but after my last mountain biking adventure in Banff involving bears and vertical exposure I decided to stick to pavement. A great choice for me since there are paved trails going past Arches National Park and along the Colorado River.

Off-road or stick to the pavement?

Off-road or stick to the pavement?


This is my kind of 'vertical exposure' for a trail

This is my kind of ‘vertical exposure’ for a trail

Joel rented a full-suspension mountain bike and explored some of the trails both paved and off-road ending up riding 38 miles that first day. I spent the morning hiking in Arches National Park before hitting the trail while the sun was shining. It was a glorious day!

Our last full day in Moab was spent hiking Canyonlands in the morning between rain showers but the sun came out in the afternoon for another chance to ride the trail along the Colorado River. These two rides in Moab made up for the cruddy weather during the rest of our stay.




Well, I completed the challenge for a second time thanks to some technicalities of the ‘rules’. Check back for future posts about our visits to the National Parks.

Any of you take on this 30 day challenge? How about personal goals during Bike Month?