iPhriday – Purple Haze

Wildflowers blanket Zurich in the spring. I just wish I had better control of my camera phone to capture the amazing beauty!

Purple Fringe

My favorite from this hike

I was going to do a purple color theme for this week’s iPhriday but went down a different route. For all the natural beauty we have been experiencing these last few years on the road, my photos aren’t capturing the wondrous things I am seeing.

For wildflowers, one of my biggest frustrations is trying to get the focal point set where I want as I’m snapping away, the breeze is blowing the flowers around, the sun makes the screen hard to see and on and on…. I recently bought an olloclip 4-in-1 lens attachment for my iPhone to increase the macro capabilities of my phone. I’ll start experimenting with that for future iPhriday posts.

The other skill I’d like to work on is composition both in camera and in post-processing. So far, I have been fairly sloppy with what I am shooting but as my tools get better I need to step up my own focus. 

For today’s iPhriday I went back in my archives to pull some macro photos of wildflowers and played around a bit with cropping the shots I have. These were taken with my iPhone 3.

Four Purple

The original shot


Top Three

Tighter on the top three

Top Two

Closer on the top two keeping the small bud top left


Five Blooms

A second original shot – no exposure adjustment.


Left Third

Closer in with buds to frame


Top Third

Tighter on the top three blooms


Thanks to graydaysandcoffee for creating iPhriday showcasing phone photos. It’s been giving me the nudge I need to work on my skills so my future posts really will be showcase worthy.