It’s Time Again for Purge and Pack

But this go around is really gonna hurt….

We’ve been spending a month in Austin wrapping up Joel’s contract work and closing out loose ends here in Texas. Most of our belongings travel with us when we are within the lower 48 but we had a small stash of things at my mother-in-law’s house.  Which she just sold. Forcing us to clear out the last of our treasures.


At least we thought it was a small stash of things.




My photo makes it look so tidy, organized and maybe even a bit glamorous.

Envisioning me pondering, “Does this item make me joyful?”



Well, this is how it actually looks beyond the eye of the storm.

We are having to face all of our past – baby photos, yearbooks, and diplomas – so many memories. These will all be repacked and sent off to a new home with my family. (And my mom thought she was done storing things for her 5 kids…sorry mom, it’s never really over.)

The rest of it will be released back into the flow of Goodwill or Garbage.

My most shocking discovery so far – we’ve been carrying around 2 bridal magazines from 1987 and an empty wedding photo album (emptied when we had all our photos digitized.) Apparently, I haven’t opened that box for a really, really long time. None of these fall into the joyful category.

Keeping on the wedding theme, my wedding dress is in limbo right now – I can’t quite bring myself to donate it knowing it will be worn by a zombie bride next Halloween but it’s not really practical to keep pretending I have a reason to hang on to it myself.

I’m slowly working up the nerve to see if it stills fits. Maybe I could dress as a zombie bride for Halloween?

As you can tell, purging is a long, slow process. Make that curating – it sounds a bit more joyful than purging.


Wish me luck on fitting our life back into the Honda before we head West next week!

And let me know if you are interested in a nice white dress with puffy sleeves!