Do They Serve Cats at the Blue Cat Cafe?

Kitty Dylan’s response is    ,’;/

or at least that is what he typed on my laptop.


Welcome to the Blue Cat Cafe in Austin, Texas.

BlueCat Mural


They actually serve drinks and vegan treats to people in a cat-filled cafe setting. After signing what has to be one of the funniest waivers I’ve come across, we entered into a coffee shop / kitty playground and waited to be greeted by one of the furry hosts.




The two-legged host (waiter) quickly took our drink order explaining the pick-up process. Since the human waiter interacts with the cats, food safety rules require customers to visit a pick-up window when their orders are ready. A small price to pay to get our kitty fix while on the road.



Although we really enjoyed our visit, it’s not all pets and purrs here for the cafe owners – their landlords are embroiled in a lawsuit and the cafe is under fire from the neighborhood as the public face of the dispute.

Seems that on this site the landlords demolished the previous renters’ building (a party rental business that catered to the Eastside’s largely Latino clientele) without adequate notice (this is disputed) or removing the business’ inventory or office contents. It’s an example of the gentrification of East Austin forcing out people via higher rents and property taxes or lease terminations. The court date is set for early 2016.

Hopefully, while the community grapples with the fallout, both the kitties and the previous business renters will be finding forever homes. And the cafe patrons will learn about the issues stemming from the City’s growth patterns and complex zoning rules.