Picture Postcard – Tortuguero, Costa Rica

In Costa Rica, you never know who your neighbors might be.

This Caiman is waiting patiently for his breakfast to arrive early one morning in Tortuguero National Park. Part of the crocodile family, these smaller reptiles can be found along the river and canal shorelines hiding in the grasses.

Tortuguero National Park is widely known as a green turtle nesting site.  Hundreds of turtles come to build nests and deposit thousands of eggs along the beaches. With all sorts of natural and man-made threats, the odds aren’t always in survival’s favor. Thanks to The Sea Turtle Conservancy and the local community’s support, the turtle population is turning the corner and improving their odds.


Postcard Costa Rica Tortuguero



Welcome to a new series of travel postcards that I’ll be posting twice a week. Click on the card for a larger view.