Picture Postcard – Budapest

We were free to travel throughout Central Europe including our visit to the Hungarian Parliament Building in May, 2014.

This week the New York Times published a story titled “The Latest on Travel in Central Europe.” It describes what impact the migrant crisis is having on various transport options for the traveling public – those of us fortunate enough to have passports that allow our free passage throughout Europe.


Postcard Hungary Budapest


As Rick Steve’s makes the case – travel is a political act. Having visited Hungary, Croatia and Slovenia, during our 2014 trip, I have a better understanding – albeit, a surface understanding – of the struggles facing the people of the region as they try to manage the flow of people northward.

It should be no surprise that people will migrate when economic or political problems threaten their families. Generations ago, my family fled famine and oppression then migrated across North America over time in search of a better life. Joel and I have relocated to both California and Texas to improve our work prospects. My hope is that the European Union along with the US government move quickly to assist these families in their quest for a better life. Expecting the gateway countries, like Hungary, to handle the influx on their own is not reasonable and will only lead to desperate coping measures. These people are trying to do just what we all would do to protect and nurture our loved ones.

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