Coffeeneuring 2015 is finally here!

Another cycling challenge from blogger Chasing Mailboxes starts tomorrow, October 3rd and runs until November 15th.

IMG_6148 Sig

Visiting a coffee shop in St Paul this summer

The basic premise of Coffeeneuring is to visit a different coffee stop per weekend for 7 weeks. Check out the full details here. Finding a different coffee stop each week shouldn’t be too difficult since I’ll be in a different city each week. The challenge will be to get a bike in each city.

IMG_5449 Sig

Treated myself to a pour-over in Minneapolis

I have been remiss in writing about my bicycling adventures this summer while I recount our National Park tour but in the meantime, here is a round-up from some of my past escapades:

Mary’s spring challenge the Errandonee was great fun even though I came to it late. Read about those adventures in my post Errandonee 2015 – I Met the Challenge

As you can tell from my instagram feed – cycling and coffee are a recurring theme! Check out my post on Coffee Outside – The Westside LA Edition.

I also love playing games on bikes – Check out my post on the Brompton Urban Challenge Minneapolis  (I haven’t even written about the alleycat race Babes in Bikeland yet!)

I’m starting to plan for each city now. Watch for how I can make it all work.

Pump up those tires! Grab a friend and a few dollars! Let’s ride!