Picture Postcard – Lisbon

Portugese pavement – gorgeous artworks that are built into the groundwork of daily lives in Lisbon and beyond.

Lisbon’s Municipal Square (Praça do Município) is just one of many pedestrian plazas to be discovered throughout Portugal. As with many building crafts, the number of skilled craftsmen and accessibility concerns are contributing to the decline of new installations in our modern era. A trend that still allows for appreciation of the pavements that remain. The stone tiles are placed in elaborate patterns before the cement mix is poured over to fix the tiles in place. This rainy, November day gave the tile a muted warm tone.


Postcard Portugal Lisbon



Lisbon is also the canvas for interesting street art. Check out my previous post here.

Welcome to a new series of travel postcards that I’ll be posting twice a week. Click on the card for a larger view.