Street Art – Prague

Thanks to Samatha at fictionwriterwithablog  for nominating me to do the Five Photos, Five Stories Challenge. This is Day 5 and the final post in the series. I’ve really enjoyed creating a Street Art theme out of this challenge. Expect to see more themed series in the future making use of the photos I’ve taken over the years of traveling.


Street Art Prague Politicians

Notice the corporate logos all over the tiny little suit


I just loved this piece of street art in Prague – partly because of the political message, partly because it was located high up on a building so it took a ladder to install, and best of all, it is 3-dimensional! Somebody made that tiny little suit.

The message reminds me of the line “Brought to you by Carl’s Jr.” in Mike Judge’s movie Idiocracy. The storyline is set five hundred years in the future and the US Secretary of State finishes every sentence with that quote since he gets paid for each occurrence. (The movie is pretty crass in a few places but a funny commentary on the dumbing down of society.)


Looking up from ground level.

Looking up from ground level.


Prague – capital of the Czech Republic – is known for it’s Lennon Wall who’s artwork appeared originally as a protest to Communist censorship of western images when the city was part of Czechoslovakia. Twenty-five years of John Lennon-related graffiti was painted over in November, 2014 by a group of artists wanting to make way for fresh art and new voices. You can read more about it in Smithsonian Magazine here. Our May visit preceded this protest or evolution – depending on how you interpret the white wash.

The Lennon Wall in Prague during a May 2014 visit.

The Lennon Wall in Prague during a May 2014 visit.


Eastern bloc countries all have fascinating histories of political protest that took shape in many forms. Protestors jangling keys was a symbolic message to Communist leaders that the populace wanted doors opened during Czechoslovakia’s Velvet Revolution in 1989 ultimately leading to a transition to a parliamentary republic.

I’m looking forward to another visit to Prague and the wall to see what today’s Czech artists have to share with the world.


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