Street Art – Lisbon

Thanks to Samatha at fictionwriterwithablog  for nominating me to do the Five Photos, Five Stories Challenge. This is Day 3.


Street Art Lisbon Reflection

Reflexos da (Simpli)Cidade! by Hagaiel.


Lisbon, Portugal is widely known for the intricate tile work that make it’s streets, sidewalks and plazas works of art. When I lifted my gaze up, I found an amazing amount of street art as well.

Alongside the funicular line an official, juried urban art gallery (Galeria de Arte Urbana) showcases some impressive works. (Skip the funicular, the walk up the hill is short and free.) Here is a blog posting by Urban Speeches going over all the works in place November, 2014 when I was in Lisbon.


I also liked the nearby pseudo-bandit art. The City Council has placed canvassing surfaces to promote the urban art form but protect it’s buildings. Somehow I found it reassuring to know that artists take working vacations too.


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