Errandonneering – Sounds like Crazy Fun


I have cycling friends that are in to randonneuring – ridiculously long bike rides culminating in the ultimate Paris – Brest – Paris ride held only once every four years.

That should be an indicator of how tough it is.

P-B-P requires four years for enough nutty folks to get up the steam to qualify for it and make the attempt. The 1200km (~750 miles) must be completed without outside support within 80 hours.

I have several friends training as we speak for this year’s event. (That should also give you an indication of my choice in friends…) To qualify, riders must complete a series of sanctioned events completing a control card at check points along the way.

Now, I admire those that attempt such feats but P-B-P is not on my bucket list.


vs. Errandonneering

This weekend, I came across blogger Town Mouse’s post on errandonneering and it has inspired me! This twist on traditional ranndonneering comes from the blog Chasing Mailboxes with full details here for his March 5-12th Errandonneering Winter Challenge.

Errandonneering is running errands on your bike with some basic rules: run 12 errands over 12 days ticking off a minimum seven of nine possible categories on your control card. Riders must provide photo verification of each errand and a lesson learned or specific observation made all while completing a minimum 30 miles of riding over the 12 days.

Loaded up for the first night of Operation Firefly in Santa Monica.

Loaded up for the first night of Operation Firefly in Santa Monica.

Technically this ride won’t count since it was on March 4th – Dang. I could have used this in the “You carried WHAT?! on your bike category.” The trailer belongs to Santa Monica Spoke so I don’t normally lug around this much baggage.

I am late joining the game but if I plan wisely I think I can complete the challenge.


Well, I’m off to run some errands!