Coffee Outside – The Westside LA Edition


What can get me up and rolling on my bike by 6:30am?

Coffee outside.

This winter we have come back for a second time to Santa Monica – part of what’s called the Westside in LA. For us, the city comes complete with a ready made bike posse formed by local bike advocates working for Santa Monica Spoke and the LA County Bicycle Coalition. Each Wednesday morning a group of riders from this crew meets at 7 am to have coffee near the ocean outlet of Ballona Creek in Marina del Rey.

And these people take their coffee very seriously.

Look closely – not only hand grinders but also a scale for measuring the pour over

Apparently there is a #CoffeeOutside movement among cyclists. Seems like busy people have a pent up desire to go camping and coffee at sunrise in beautiful settings helps make their lives a little sweeter.

Now, I haven’t noticed any of the Westside attendees moving in slow motion and it’s not quite that misty here… but its been great to watch the community build with a variety of riders stopping by each week.


Since we don’t own any camping gear, I “brew” up instant coffee at home and bring it in a travel mug that fits in my bottle cage. I’ve found a compatriot with a fellow low-tech coffee drinker Steve; even though he is one step up on me – he uses an actual coffee maker before filling up his thermos.

Thankfully no one judges.