Hello World – Can’t Wait to Meet You!

Meet Eileen and Joel

Celebrating in Haleiwa, Hawaii

My name is Eileen Schaubert and for the moment I am in Santa Monica, California with my husband of 26 years, Joel. We’ve transitioned into a nomadic existence of sorts after selling our home in Austin, Texas along with pretty much all our belongings. What remains has to fit in a Honda Element and even that has been pared down over the past two years. So far we aren’t backpacking or bicycle touring but have spent our time traveling light across the States and Europe.

Friends and the people we meet are fascinated by what we’ve done as they try to imagine themselves on a parallel journey. That’s why I’m finally getting around to this blog. My plan is to write about our travels — past and present — along with musings on bicycling, travel, urban planning, active transportation, advocacy, minimalism, digital nomads, public art, wildlife and whatever else I find on the way.

Our nightly view in Santa Monica

Our nightly view in Santa Monica

I’d love to connect with people creating new ways to explore this fantastic world whether that be as a traveler, someone deeply rooted to place or anywhere in between. My hope is to trigger ideas that will inspire people to take some chances in their own life beyond what complacency will bring and learn from others as they build their unique path.